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How to use the ‘Polar Vortex’ to forecast your next cold snap

Scientists at the University of Reading have created a new tool that can help you spot cold weather warnings, which can help save you money.

The Polar Vortex is a graphic representation of what the atmosphere is likely to look like over the next few weeks and months, showing the expected temperatures, precipitation and wind speeds.

Scientists at the university say it can help tell you how warm the air is likely be and can also tell you whether you’re in an area that might get hit by a cold front or wind chill.

It’s a huge boon for winter survival, and helps us to stay informed on when to plan ahead, Professor Mike McLeod said.

We’ve created this interactive map, it’s not a forecast, but it does give you an idea of where you might be in terms of wind chill and temperature, and the likelihood of a polar vortex.

And you can see that this is likely in most parts of the UK.

In the north west, in the Midlands, in some parts of Wales and in some places in Scotland it is going to be a lot colder than that.

If we can get a lot of people to stay indoors and reduce the risk of people having to travel out, that is really important.

Professor McLeod and his team have developed a software to help identify polar vortex warnings and the weather warnings.

They created the app to help people better understand the polar vortex, and how the forecasts are going to work out.

People can use the app, and when they want to check the forecast, they can choose the forecast they want.

When you use the Polar Vortex app, you can enter your location and the forecast will tell you when the predicted temperature is likely.

To check if you are in an ‘out’ area, you click on the red ‘out of the way’ warning, and then select ‘check’ or ‘uncheck’.

If you click ‘check’, you will get a warning about the danger zone.

This is a little different to when you see the weather map.

This is a warning to people who are outside the predicted danger zone, and that’s the ‘check’.

You are not able to check, or ‘check-uncheck’ until the time you want to leave.

For more information about the polar storm warnings, you are encouraged to read our article.

Read more about the Polar Storm Warning.

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