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What’s in the Bosch track seen by Zenn’s team?

The Bosch ShPM65Z55N track saw the introduction of the new Bosch PX-R1 power unit and a new engine that is capable of producing around 3.7GWh of power.

Bosch’s powertrain engineers also brought a number of changes to the existing engine design.

The Bosches PX5 turbocharger, for example, now has a much higher compression ratio to ensure it is more efficient, and Bosch has been using an advanced exhaust manifold and exhaust system to deliver more power at higher revs.

A new front wing, which will help reduce drag, also made its debut, with the new aerodynamic fins adding additional grip to the front.

The new engine also boasts a more powerful 5.0L V6 with turbochargers rated at 5,800rpm and 5,700rpm respectively.

The team has also developed a new, longer stroke, which is designed to deliver a higher rev limit.

The engine also has a new variable valve timing system.

Bosches engine design has also seen significant improvements to the cooling system, with Bosch engineers using a new system of water cooling on the turbochargors.

The car has also been redesigned for use on the track, with a new front grille and a redesigned nose.

A few other changes to be found in the PX65Z75N, including an enhanced front bumper, are also listed on the Bosches website.

The track was also given a paint scheme of a lighter, less expensive metallic color.

Zenn Motorsport’s head of engineering and motorsport, Stefan Köhler, said that the team was happy with the results of the Boschi prototype.

The test, he said, was the first time that the new power unit had been tested on the racetrack.

He said the car has shown good performance, with no mechanical issues being found.

Zenn Motorsport team manager Peter Schumacher told Motorsport.com that the car is expected to be ready for the start of the 2018 season.

Zannes powertrain team will also be competing at the Suzuka 24 Hours next weekend.

The Zannos team was founded by former Formula 1 driver Christian Horner in 2006, and has been racing in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship since 2011.

It has been a part of the series since the series returned to Formula One in 2020. 

In the meantime, Zenn has plans to return to the Formula E series.

A race in the upcoming season will be held in Europe, with Zenn, Brawn and Ligier in attendance.

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