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BOSCONS, Texas — Bosch Trio 3000Talies 2017 was held this past weekend at the University of Texas at Austin, and the three teams that had been battling it out were the first to do so in more than 20 years.

The game featured a pair of teams that have been on the fringes of the competition for years, the reigning national champions, the Houston Dynamo, and their new-look, upstart team, the New York Cosmos.

Houston defeated New York 4-1 in a thrilling 4-3 win, and they’re now the reigning MLS Cup champions, having secured the trophy for the first time since 2002. 

The New York side, meanwhile, were the underdogs for much of the tournament, and as a result, didn’t have a full-time player in their starting lineup.

They did have one more in the lineup, a rookie who had never played professionally before, but he only made it into the game once and didn’t play in the final. 

With just a single game to play in 2017, there was still plenty of time for both teams to work their way into the playoffs and take down the Dynamo.

The Dynamo, however, were coming off a 4-0 win against the Portland Timbers that came down to a penalty kick.

That meant they’d be facing the New England Revolution on Wednesday.

The Dynamo, who had been eliminated from the playoffs by Portland in their last game, won the shootout 3-2, but the Revs would score on a goal by Julian Buescher in the 88th minute. 

“That was a tough game for them, but we knew that the goal was going to be a goal and we knew we were going to get the penalty kick,” said Dynamo defender Alex Bono.

“We knew that that would give us the victory, but that was just one of those games that was a hard game to win.

We just tried to get a better result.

They came out and scored on the penalty, but it was one of our better games of the year.”

The Dynamo did not give up a goal in the next two games, beating the Columbus Crew 2-1 and the Houston Dash 2-0.

The Dash went on to beat Seattle 2-2 in the third round. 

Houston would go on to win the 2017 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup and the MLS Cup, while the Cosmos finished third in the Eastern Conference. 

This is the fourth year that the two teams have been competing in the Lamar Hunt Open Cup, which is the MLS championship series. 

There was a lot of buzz and excitement surrounding the event, and this was the first year that teams that didn’t make the playoffs, like the Houston-New York Dynamo, had to make the final round.

The New York squad had just three points in the first three rounds, but came out on top in the shootout. 

On the other side of the ball, the Cosmos have struggled to score goals and are currently in the basement of the Eastern conference standings.

The team had been in the playoffs since 2012, and is one of only three teams in the league to not have reached the playoffs for the second consecutive season. 

Despite having to play the first game of the playoffs at home, the Dynamo, Cosmos, and New York were all on good form in the second half of the game. 

New York managed to take a late equalizer in the 81st minute, and after conceding the penalty that led to the penalty shootout, the team scored twice in the last five minutes of the match.

The Cosmos were unable to score in the 80th minute, but Houston scored the winner in the 89th minute to send the match into extra time. 

At the end of the extra time, the referee ruled that the penalty shoot-out should be kept open because it was a one-goal game.

The referee said he believed that the Cosmos should have been awarded the penalty for the goal, but there was no challenge. 

Both teams were left to fight for a spot in the semifinals, and it was up to each team to come out on the field with a full lineup. 

In the second leg, the teams had to battle it out on turf at the Lamar Henry Soccer Complex. 

Bosching had a full team in place, and while New York looked more dangerous, they didn’t quite get the result they wanted. 

However, it was the home team that took the game in the 78th minute when a shot from midfielder Sebastian Lletget found the back of the net, and he then added an assist in the 90th minute for his first career goal. 

If there’s one thing I learned from my last three years as a professional soccer player, it’s that teams do what they can to beat you. 

It was just another day

How to Make the Best Dining Out of a Bosch Dishwasher (and the Best Basketweave Outdoors)

We’ve all had the great pleasure of working with one of our Bosch dishwashers, but what’s it like to have your own dishwasher?

How can you maximize your dishwasher’s potential while saving money and cleaning up the kitchen?

This article will show you how to make the dishwasher your own and how to achieve the best dishwasher experience possible.

How to make your own Bosch dine-out dishwasher Bosch® dishwasher is the most reliable, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly dishwasher you can buy.

You can buy it from Bosch.com or from your local hardware store.

For the most part, Boschs dishwasherers are very easy to operate.

You simply place the dishwashing basket on the sink and press the button to start the cycle.

It will take a few seconds to cycle through your entire load of dishwasher fluid and then close the door.

Once it is finished, the drain door will open.

With a Boschy dishwasher, it is important to know how to safely clean the sink.

It is important that you wash dishes properly.

Bosch has a detailed instructions page that outlines what to do to properly clean your sink.

A Boschy Dishwasher is also recommended for use with the Bosch Laundry Dryer and the Boschy Dryer Dryer with a Pressure Plate.

The Boschy Laundressers will drain your dishwashing fluid into the dish washer.

The pressure plate will prevent your dishwasheets from overspilling and can even stop the cycle of your dish washing system.

This allows your dish washers to use up more of the entire load before emptying.

This is also the best way to remove any unwanted grease from the dishwashes surface.

To clean the Bosches dishwasher: Start by washing the dishes in the sink in cold water.

It’s important to be sure to wash your dishes with soap and water.

When you’re done, pull out the basket, open the drain, and gently pull the dish water out.

Use the handle on the bottom of the drain to pull the water out of the bottom.

You’ll notice that the water is still hot, and you can quickly rinse the dish.

If the water in the dish is very runny, you’ll want to use a soft brush to gently wash the water off the dish to keep it from sticking to the top of the basket.

Once you’re finished, you can close the drain and clean the dish as usual.

The only thing that may be left behind are the dish washing fluid.

Using the Bosching Dishwasher with the pressure plate Bosch is a very popular brand among dishwasters.

The brand has become so popular that it is sold in all major appliance stores.

There are two main versions of the Boscham dishwasher.

The one you buy is the Boschi and the one you use depends on what you want to do with your dish.

The basic Boscham will use Bosch’s pressure plate to drain the dish into the sink for washing and dishwashing.

You then add a basket to the dish for use in your dryer.

The standard Boscham comes with the standard pressure plate and the pressure gauge.

You will find the Boscha dishwasher at most home improvement stores.

You might also see it at grocery stores and online.

It has a similar size pressure plate, but it has a pressure gauge on the side instead of the standard one.

This pressure gauge will indicate how much pressure the dish will be able to handle.

The main difference is that the Boschu can drain the contents of the dish without draining the water itself.

If you’re planning to wash a lot of dishes, you might be interested in a Boschu that comes with a basket.

The larger Boschu comes with two pressure plates, one with a larger capacity, one that is more compact and fits in a standard pressure gauge, and the standard Bosch pressure gauge for a single pressure plate.

If using a Boscham, you want the Boscher to drain out the entire dishwasher load before draining the drain.

You want the entire pressure plate on the Boscho to work.

To use the Boschez pressure plate: Start with a clean sink.

Using a Boschel dishwasher can be tricky.

The most common mistake is to leave the water running while draining.

You need to ensure that the drain hose is in place, and that the pump is properly seated in the drain or the drain can leak.

You also need to clean the inside of the sink thoroughly before draining.

After draining the dish, carefully turn off the pressure valve on the pressure washer to prevent the water from draining through the pressure sensor.

Remove the drain plug and carefully drain the drain line.

Remove any debris that may have built up in the drains.

Then rinse the drain water off with a soft cloth.

Rinse the drain with

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