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When the new Bosch 800 Series will arrive

Bosch will begin the launch of the new 800 Series of home and away games in 2018, but the company will not reveal the name of the brand new technology.

The Bosch 700 series will be launched in 2019, with the 800 Series 2020 onwards to be announced later.

The 800 Series is the first Bosch technology to be deployed at home stadiums.

Bosch said the new technology will make it easier to organise the football team from a distance.

“Bosch’s 800 Series offers the greatest level of quality in the industry, and we are confident the technology will have a lasting impact in the future,” said Bosch.

The company also unveiled the new 400 Series home and home away kit, featuring the trademark logo and the number 400.

“With the 400 Series we are continuing to enhance our technology portfolio, while introducing a new look and feel,” said Andreas von Liebig, senior manager of sports and sports marketing at Bosch, in a statement.

“In the new series we will introduce a new design language for our fans and our technology platform will be expanded in terms of features and features that will bring the fan experience to a new level.”

Boschentwo is currently selling the Bosch 500 series home and road kits.

The new Boschentwo 500 home and car kits will be unveiled on February 15.

The Bosch 600 series home kit will be available for purchase in mid-2019.

The 400 Series will be in the market for a while, with new products coming out every few months.

The 400 series kit is currently available for pre-order on Bosch’s website.

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