Bosch is going to our backyard and painting a new house

Sep 7, 2021 Business

The Bosch family has always enjoyed painting and painting their home, and their latest addition to the family will be their own private art studio. 

The Bosch Family Painting Studio will be located in a private home in suburban Los Angeles, the family announced in a press release Monday. 

“It’s a beautiful piece of property,” said the family’s creative director, Eric Bosch, who also manages the family art museum, The Bosches’ Art.

“It’s beautiful and it’s really beautiful.

It’s something we’ve always wanted to do and we’re really excited to do it here.”

The Bosches recently purchased a home in Los Angeles from their father, Herman, a retired businessman, and they are in the process of turning it into a studio for their family. 

Bosch said the idea for the studio came from his wife, who had recently lost a close friend to breast cancer. 

They thought it would be a fun project for the family, and Herman decided to go ahead and do it himself.

“It was just a beautiful idea and it was a really good one,” Herman said in a phone interview. 

According to Herman, he was inspired to start painting after he saw a painting of a house in his childhood that featured an artist named Hermann Stuhlinger. 

Stuhlinger, a Swiss painter, used watercolors to create his paintings, and Bosch thought it might be interesting to try his hand at painting his own.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the world of art, so I thought I’d try to take a little bit of that and paint a house,” Bosch said. 

Herman said he painted two paintings using watercolours he had on hand, and one was a large one, which featured a painting by Stuhlner. 

In the first painting, a woman stands in front of a painting on a table. 

She is wearing a skirt, a white shirt and dark shoes. 

When Herman sees her, he says, “This is the house of the painter.” 

The other painting, called The Lady of the house, was a smaller one. 

A woman’s head is shown in a chair with her hands holding a painting, and a woman’s hand is seen with a painting in her hand. 

As Herman and the family are looking at the painting, the woman’s face is shown. 

It’s one of a number of paintings Herman had done in his life. 

He also painted two smaller paintings in his youth that featured women in a dress and a dress, and his paintings were part of a series of works that also featured women. 

After Herman moved to Los Angeles and the Bosches began working on the studio, he said he realized that he had to turn his home into a home.

“There are so many things that are happening in our world right now, and we wanted to be a part of that,” Herman told CBS News. 

For the past few years, Herman has been trying to sell the house to someone who wanted to buy it, and he’s had many offers, including a property in the Los Angeles area. 

His father, who has been working on other projects, said he’s hopeful the family can move in with the new owner and paint their home. 

Eric Bosch says the Boschs’ art studio will be a home for Hermann and his family.

“There’s a lot of work that Hermann has been doing and it just seemed like a really nice place to do some of that work and to have a place where Herman can paint and where Herman’s family can live,” Eric Bosches said.

“This is just one of the reasons that the family decided to come here.

The idea of Hermann being able to paint this beautiful piece in our backyard, and then having the family living in this beautiful house,” Eric said.

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