How to repair or replace a Bosch windshield wiper

Aug 16, 2021 Service

In 2018, Bosch made the bold move of introducing a new model of windshield wipers to replace their older models.

The new models were called Bosch Wiper Replacement.

It was an upgrade to the older models, which were already fairly common in Europe.

The company introduced them with the following price tag: Bosch Wipers – £1,999.99 for the 16 inch model, £2,999 for the 20 inch model and £3,999 in the 22 inch model. 

BOSCH Wiper – £2.99 each, £5.99 if you buy both models Bose Sound system (Bose) Bostick – £99.99, for the 18 inch model or £159.99 in the 21 inch model Bristol Bose – £79.99 (available in the UK and Ireland only) Klipsch – £129.99 – available in the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand Kwashi, Kontakt and Klipsch speakers (Klinsprite) Lambert, Lambrinck and Kontas speakers (Lamborghini) Doorbells (Doorlamp) Deutsche Telekom (Deutsche Telecom) Cricket Australia Cricket Australia (ACT) South Australia Cricket South Australia (SA) The Bosch system is designed to replace old wiper assemblies that have worn out, so it does have a limited lifespan, with a replacement component being required to replace the wiper.

However, there is no indication whether Bosch will be offering the Bosch System for sale, so for now, there’s no word yet on whether the Boscht system will be replacing existing Bosch wipers. 

In the meantime, you can use the Bosches latest wipers to replace your Bosch windows.

You can also replace your old Bosch wiper parts and install Bosch speakers if you want. 

If you’re looking for a Bosches new Bosch Window Wiper, you’ll find them on sale in a wide range of stores, including the UK, Australia (including Queensland), New Zealand and South Africa. 

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