Bosch, shx7, Bosch on Bosch’s ‘Wake Up World’ and the ‘Walking with a Dead Guy’ series: ‘This is the art of life’

Aug 12, 2021 Blog

Bosch will release his first solo exhibition at the Kunsthal Art Museum in Germany this week.

The show, titled “Wake up World,” will be open for free admission.

In the exhibition, Boscher will display more than 400 paintings.

He said the first Bosch painting, “The Night”, was created as a response to a conversation he had with his brother in the early ’90s.

The painting was originally created in two pieces, one to be taken home and one to hang in a shop in Berlin.

After a conversation with his sister, Boscha decided to create an art that is both an extension of the conversation and a tribute to the person he is, said Bosch.

“In the beginning, the intention was to create something that will become something else, something unique, something not only for me, but for other people, so that they can see it more clearly,” said Boscher.

“But it turned out that I could have created a work for other art lovers, who were interested in different forms of art.”

In “The Morning After”, a painting titled “Dream of an Old Man”, Bosch and Bosch family friend, Bruno Gagnon, discuss a dream they both had, in which they dream of a woman who was lost, and who was eventually found and brought back to her family.

“It is a dream that is so beautiful that it is almost a miracle,” said Gagnin.

“That is the message we have tried to convey with this painting.”

“Walking With a Dead Boy” Bosch is also creating a series of works based on his “Waking up World” series, in honor of his brother.

The series will be in the works for three years.

“I hope it will be very important to people,” said the artist.

“This is a project that will be shared with many people, and they will learn about the life of Bosch.”

Bosch also said he has a lot of plans for his “Walk with a Death Guy” series.

“My hope is that people will learn from my work that it’s possible to create a beautiful, personal art piece that is unique, and it will become a unique art piece.

That is the goal,” said Borcher.

The work will be on display in the exhibition hall at the museum from April 17 to April 20.

The Bosch brothers “Walk With a Death Girl” and “Warming” series will also be on view for free.

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