Why BOSCH Double Oven? ‘It’s the perfect cooking device for baking, crockery, baking bread, pies and so on’

Aug 10, 2021 Product Catalog

On the day that the company introduced its Bosch Double Ooven, the internet was awash with speculation about its capabilities.

And the hype was well deserved.

“The double oven is the perfect cookware for baking and crocketry,” proclaimed one article.

“It’s a good-quality cooking device,” said another.

“Bosch Double oven is a must have in your kitchen,” read a third.

“One of the best cookware brands in the world,” said a fourth.

The product has become the toast of the internet, with more than 8 million shares of Bosch listed on the Nasdaq since its launch in March.

“If you need to get baking or crockering done, it’s the best choice in the business,” said the company’s COO, John Sjöstedt.

But the Bosch double-oven is not the only one to emerge from the Boschi food factory.

Bosch also offers a range of other products and accessories.

But its Double Ovil, the most popular of the three, is arguably the most interesting.

For one thing, it is the only Bosch oven that is designed for cooking.

That’s because it features a single oven.

“There is no other Bosch cooking appliance that has a single, central, top cooking chamber,” said Tom Daley, a Bosch product designer.

“You get the best cooking performance out of one oven.”

The double oven also has two heating elements that help it cook food faster and with less heat.

Boschi says the oven is “extremely durable” and it “never goes out of control”.

It has a wide range of cooking surfaces, from plastic to wood to metal and ceramic to stainless steel, and it’s easy to clean.

Its stainless steel bowl features a metal grate on the top and a metal plate on the bottom.

Its double-sided stainless steel lid has two rubber seals on the sides.

And, for those who prefer to use it for baking rather than crockety bread, Bosch includes an oven-grade stainless steel cooking grate.

Boscham’s Double Over has sold for about £2,000 on eBay.

But for those in the know, the oven’s price may be a little too steep.

The oven’s biggest downside is the amount of time it takes to cook food.

“I think it’s just a little bit of a rush for a lot of people,” said David Gollop, author of The New Bosch Cookbook, a cookbook about Bosch’s cooking devices.

“But you’ll get used to it, it will take time to get used, and if you’re not very familiar with cooking, it can be frustrating,” he said.

But, for some people, the price is worth it.

“That price is just for the novelty,” said Gollops.

“As soon as you can afford it, I would recommend it.”

Bosch has been selling the Double Overn in its factory since the early 1970s.

“People want to know what the fuss is about,” said Daley.

“They’re curious about the technology.”

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