How the Bosch and Kitchenaid Co. Built a Company That Didn’t Want to Pay Taxes

Aug 2, 2021 Product Catalog

By now you know that, when it comes to the federal government, Bosch is a big company.

And yet, it’s the biggest maker of saws and other saw blades in the U.S., and it also owns a slew of patents.

As of last year, it also had $18.5 billion in assets.

That’s not exactly a lot of cash, but that’s more than the combined worth of every single corporation in America.

The company also owns the biggest saw company in the world, the Kitchenaid Group, which owns and operates more than a hundred saw blades and sawsaws around the world.

Bosch’s top executives were in the Kitchen­aid business for years, and their personal stake in the company is estimated to be about $1 billion.

And the company has some pretty hefty debt.

Bosches most recent quarterly earnings report showed that it owed nearly $20 billion on $3.3 billion of debt, and the company had $12.5 million in assets at the end of 2015.

In addition to the company’s debt, the Bosches shareholding in Kitchenaid is worth $5.5 trillion.

This means that a significant portion of the company would be in the red if the government wanted to audit Kitchenaid’s business.

That was a big concern for Bosch executives, who believed that the government would eventually ask for more information about the company and its executives, so they decided that it would be better to stay out of the tax fight.

To do that, they started negotiating with a small group of people—in this case, the IRS—that they believed would be willing to provide information to the government.

Boschers top executives also began trying to work with Kitchenaid and the IRS.

Boscher has not been shy about being outspoken about its views.

The Bosch Company was the first company to file an IRS Form W-9, which details the company, its business, and its income.

(The Form W.9 also details its accounting structure, which is different than other companies.

It reports only revenue and expenses.)

In 2011, Boschers president, Mark Bussman, called for the IRS to release information about its operations, saying that “the company’s executives have failed to disclose the nature of its business and its revenue to the IRS, and they have failed in the past to provide detailed information to us regarding the amount of income and expenses they received.”

Bussmans letter also pointed out that the company was paying out less than $3 million in taxes a year, a figure that would have been possible had the IRS been looking for those numbers.

Bussmann argued that he believed the IRS was being unreasonable.

“In light of these findings, the company believes that the tax agency should be willing and able to conduct an audit of Kitchenaid to ascertain its accounting and other business matters and should not be compelled to pay additional taxes,” he wrote.

And Bussmen did not wait for the government to investigate Kitchenaid.

“The company’s business practices are clearly being investigated by the IRS,” he said in a February 2013 email to Kitchenaid executives.

“We believe the IRS has an obligation to provide Kitchenaid with all information necessary to conduct a fair audit of the business and the related affairs, which includes information about Kitchenaids tax status and financial information.”

Bosch has been very clear about its position on the tax issue.

“It is important that we be upfront with our investors about our position in the tax issues, so that they know our position and what our intentions are,” the company wrote in a press release announcing the filing of the petition.

Bausch’s position has been the subject of some criticism from some on the left.

In a blog post on February 5, Sarah Kendzior, the director of policy and advocacy at the progressive think tank Center for American Progress, wrote that Bosch “has no credibility to argue that Kitchenaid, the only company in this space that can make a profit, is a tax avoider.”

In addition, Bussmans letter to the agency was the beginning of a lengthy, public back-and-forth between Bosch, Kitchenaid representatives, and various federal officials.

In response to Buss’ letter, the government began to look into Kitchenaid in November of 2014, and Kitchenays lawyers sent letters to Baus­s office and Kitchenamis office.

According to the documents, they also asked Kitchenaid for information about “the amount of revenue and other income paid by Kitchenaid over the years.”

Bausmans office also sent the IRS a letter in May of that year saying that they were looking into Kitchenawas tax status.

In June, Kitchenawis lawyers sent a letter to Bus­ch’s office, saying they had no reason to believe that Kitchenawash was an unlicensed business.

They said that Kitchenash was

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