When the bosch service shut down for the day in Bengaluru (India), the dishwasher became a viral sensation

Jul 17, 2021 Business

By Rajesh Nair   On Wednesday, the Bosch service in Bengalure had shut down due to the heat and humidity in the city. 

The service was due to come back on Wednesday afternoon, but after a delay, Bosch decided to turn off the service for a day, and it was only for a short time.

Bosch said it was due in part to a combination of heat and moisture, and was taking precautionary measures, which included installing an emergency cooling system in the kitchens.

However, the service was not able to come to a complete shutdown because Bosch was using more power than it was able to supply, according to a statement from Bosch.

While the company was still unable to confirm the exact cause of the shutdown, it was said that the Bosches main power supply failed.

This was a blow to the Boshes business in the region, as Bosch serves over 1,000 customers in Bengalur, Kolkata, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

“We are sad to report that the business is still not fully operational. 

 Our engineers and maintenance staff will do their best to complete the shutdown and restore normal services in the coming days,” the statement said.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Bosch said the company had implemented an emergency power supply to the kitchens, which had helped it to run for a longer period.

The spokesperson said that it would be up to the service provider to provide further details about the cause of power failure.

Meanwhile, the local BJP unit in Bengal had announced that they would boycott Bosch’s services in Bengalures cities, especially Bengaluru, to protest the shutdown of the Boscher service. 

“Boschers shutdown is a setback for Bengaluru as the Boschee is the main source of income for the city,” a spokesperson from the party said in a statement.

“Boscher is a symbol of the BJP, a place where workers, families and shopkeepers live together.

We have decided to boycott Boschees services in our cities.”

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