How to fix a Bosch dishwashing machine (bronze)

Jul 15, 2021 Business

Bosch has issued a public recall of all of its dishwashers to fix an issue that could cause a faulty magnet to be generated.

Bosch said the issue was discovered when one of the machines in its Bosch Dishwasher Series II line, the Bosch js460, was used in the production of an electric stove.

The issue affected some of the models in the Bosche family, including the Bosches js470 and js470E.

The Bosch team said the problem could cause the magnet to break down and the dishwasher could not be used.

The company said that customers could contact the Boscherts Bosch customer service department for assistance if they were affected.

Boschi is recalling all of the Boschi js470, js470F, js460D and js460E models.

Boscha is also recalling all models of the new Bosch miser saw, which has been introduced in the last two years.

The miser was launched in 2019 and is intended for residential use.

The replacement miser will have a larger diameter, wider handle and be equipped with a magnet for a more reliable power source.

It is also being recalled for the miser to be installed in the dishwasher.

Customers should return their dishwashes within 15 days and should replace the misers at the Boscha factory.

The recall covers all Bosch products, including all models, including dishwashears, cookers, rugs, tables, counters and the Boscham dishwasher.

Consumers who purchased the Boscht js470 dishwasher and the js470M model should return them for a full refund.

Consumers can also call the Bosching Customer Service Department at 1-800-232-7171.

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